Top Three Credit Report Agencies

What You Should Know About The Top Three Credit Report Agencies

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the market for a new home or automobile if your credit is questionable, then you will be in trouble. Basically, your credit information is tracked by a variety of companies with the primary goal of keeping a record of individuals and businesses and how well they pay their bills. Most reporting agencies will focus their attention on the private sector; however, there are some that keep track of the credit worthiness of a business too. As a consumer, you should know the names of these companies and how they operate, especially since the information they provide can affect your credit score.


As one of the top three credit report agencies in the world, Experian has offices across the globe and is easy enough to access. With more than 16,000 employees in places like the United States, Ireland and Brazil, their head office is located in the United Kingdom. Experian is a publicly traded company that offers a variety of services, which include fraud detection, debt management and credit risk. Rather than end up with a weak credit score for something you didn’t do, you should evaluate the information they have on you and make sure that it is accurate.


The second credit reporting agency that falls within the top three is TransUnion. The experience that this agency brings with them goes back as far as the 1960s. Boasting of upwards of 500 million consumers being tracked is it any wonder that so many businesses use their services to determine your credit worthiness. With something for both business and individuals alike, TransUnion is also publicly traded. If TransUnion has data that can jeopardize your ability to access a line of credit it is in your best interest to find out what that information is and work towards improving it.


The name Equifax is probably the first name you will hear when someone talks about credit issues. As one of the top three credit reporting agencies, they also boast of more than 600 million consumers being tracked. Equifax also enjoys bragging that their credit score updates are more than 15 million per month. If you have ever applied for a mortgage or a new car everything ounce of data that this reporting agency has on you will be used to assess your credit worthiness. Do you know if the information being provided is accurate, and if it isn’t should you be doing something about it?