Annual Credit Report

Your credit score can affect many different areas of your life. A bad score makes it hard to buy a vehicle or home. But your credit score can also have an effect on your job, where you live and the life-style you have. You need to request a copy of your credit report to find out your score. Here is how to get your free annual credit report.

There are three different companies that monitor your credit. Whenever you do not pay a bill, it gets reported to one or all of these companies. Your total credit score is based on the average of the three scores together. These companies are Experian, Equifax and Transunion. In the past, you could only get a free report if you had been turned down for a purchase. If you are denied because of something listed in your report, you have the right to know what it is. The Fair Credit Reporting Act changed that. Under this act, the federal law guarantees everyone a free annual credit report.

The question is how one requests a free credit report. Many people start by doing an internet search. Beware that you do not get scammed by the multiple websites offering free reports. These sites are not free as they require you to buy some product or join a membership to access your credit score.

At least one of these sites will charge you $1 to verify your credit card. The site says this charge does not affect your membership, but apparently the 7 day free trial is $1. Once the trial period is over, there is a monthly membership fee. The actual costs of the memberships were not available on the website. It appears they have different types of memberships but their terms and conditions are rather vague.

There is only one authorized website that actually provides a free annual credit report. is the website; they have been authorized to provide this service by the federal government. The website is easy to use the service really is free. There is nothing to buy, no memberships and no hidden fees. You can request all 3 reports at once or one at a time. Your credit report can be requested online, on the phone or through the mail. All of the contact information can be found on their website.

Monitoring your credit report is an important thing to do. Potential employers, landlords and creditors will all run a credit check before giving their approval. One of the most important reasons to keep track of what is on your credit report is to spot potential identity theft. Technology has made it easier for criminals to access your information and pretend to be you. Many of these culprits have ruined their victim’s lives by ruining their credit scores. Do not let this happen to you. Be sure to order your free annual credit report today.